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A great tip for visiting Ibiza is to set aside some time to get out to the island of Formentera. On a gorgeous afternoon in early June we rented a car and explored the island with no set plan. Our suggestion would be to drive towards one of the most memorable panoramic views you will find in the islands – the lighthouse Far de la Mola.

The island is small, driving direct from the main port you can be to the lighthouse in less than half an hour. The drive is beautiful, filled with hair pin turns on steep inclines and you ascend to the highest point of the island. Driving down the straight stretch of road as you approach the lighthouse will have you feeling like you are driving to the end of the world! Once you arrive be prepared to take in the breathtaking coastline and breathtaking cliffs.

We sat at the edge of the cliff breathing in the fresh sea breeze, watching the waves break and the birds soar, just enjoying being alive and soaking in the beauty and the sun.

Travel writer Zach Kappel, of Lex & Zach luxury travel blog, in Formentera

Alongside this beautiful landscape and lighthouse is a tiny cafe and shop that we wish we had time to enjoy. We can not vouch for the food or drink, or service, however, we can confidently say that sitting with an espresso or glass of wine and enjoying the view seems like a pretty good idea if you have the time - we recommend giving it a try!

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On your way there or back you’ll want to make a quick stop off at Molí Vell de la Mola, a beautiful old windmill built in 1778. The site is located close to the town El Pilar and is right on the route to and from the lighthouse, this is one of several older windmills in Formentera and a great one to walk around while you explore. You’ll see beach stops along this drive as well, all beautiful and it will be impossible to go wrong with a stop at any of the marked beaches.

Europe Travel Diary - Formentera, Part 1 | Lex & Zach Online Travel Diary

The island can be reached by boat in about 30 minutes from Ibiza. If you are planning ahead I would suggest booking a private charter to see the island and beaches on your own time with a day trip. (our suggestion here would be - Marlot (+34 694440030) Alternatively you can always grab a ferry last minute by buying a ticket at the docks and enjoying a quick shuttle over to the island. If you have the time, plan on spending the night to really enjoy some beach time and dining at local restaurants. Once you arrive at the docks we would suggest you rent a car to maximize time and see everything the island has to offer.

In our next post we will give you a few tips on our favorite beaches on the island and a dining experience you can’t miss. Last tip call rental car companies ahead and make a reservation for a convertible, you’ll thank us later!

Beach holidays in Formentera | Lex & Zach Luxury Travel Blog

p.s. and yes, the sky and the water are that blue!

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