About Lex & Zach

Inspired by their love of travel, Alexis Corry, owner of the ethically-handmade Lex & Lynne womenswear brand boutiques, and her hubby Zachary Kappel, welcome you to explore their adventures and findings from around the globe with their luxury travel diary.

Alexis and Zach first crossed paths as teenagers in Vero beach Florida, forming a young friendship that would one day become a life partnership. Years later in New York City Alexis would be inspired to start her own retail and lifestyle brand that would eventually lead her back to Pittsburgh, PA, where she and Zach reconnected and became inseparable following his graduation from law school. The two found in each other, something more than love of travel, but the idea that a new experience is sweeter shared with another then in solitude. So, one beautiful ceremony later in a 12th century village tucked away in the hills of Tuscany, Italy, a new adventure began. They have since explored the rich, long, and varied histories of the world and are now opening up their explorations across the globe with you, perfect blog for travelers and high end vacation ideas. 

While you're here, get ideas and shop their curated collection of travel and lifestyle essentials. A collection inspired by Alexis and Zach’s downtown Pittsburgh origins, Florida beach-life, New York City hustle, and rustic Vermont roots.

Travel tips, references, itineraries and updated guides; amazing accommodation, secrets and surprises make Lex & Zach's blog a go to for the best luxury travel. Join them on their journey as they strive to explore and roam this beautiful world.