Formentera Part II

By now you have read the first part of our Formentera post (and if you have not I suggest you do!) and you know about the lighthouse and getting to the island, now let’s talk about the beaches!

You will notice as the boat approaches Formentera that every beach in sight looks incredible, crystal clear waters and bright shades of green and blue jump at you like neon as you near the land. The most perfect sands as far as the eye can see and an overwhelming desire to soak up the as much sun as possible while visiting this magical place.

Once you arrive we suggest that you kick things off by renting a car (more about this in Formentera Part I) and head down the thin peninsula pointing back towards Ibiza like an arrow. Use the tip of the arrow, Playa de Illetas, as your beacon and enjoy every stop that pulls you in along the way. The island is small and easy to navigate, don't hesitate if you feel the need to pull over and take in the land scape or snap a few photos, or park and simply explore.

Come hungry and plan to stop for lunch as there are many staples for mid-day dining throughout the island. Our favorite afternoon refueling station is the iconic and irresistible Juan y Andrea ( Tip number one, always make a reservation! This is a great beach-side restaurant and bar that will have you feeling like you have found the place of eternal island bliss. The seafood is fantastically fresh and pairs perfectly with eating barefoot in the sand. Wait staff is wonderful, we hardly looked at the menu and had the waiter’s recommendations and were floored - paired with a pitcher of cava sangria and we wished we could spend the rest of our lives in that moment.

Watching the boats and the beach, digging our feet in the warm sand, our lunch at Juan y Andrea was one of our more memorable meals during our time in Spain. Juan y Andrea is also accessible by boat and they will bring you ashore, honestly, this restaurant is worth the trip alone! After lunch make sure you reach the tip of the Playa de Illetas, we noticed how the crowd dissipates as you move down the beach, so keep walking and you can decide how much company you want to keep around. We ended our afternoon on the cusp of the peninsula enjoying some privacy and taking in the sun and ocean air.


Another favorite beach spot of ours is the beach at Gecko Beach Club ( hint hint, also a no-brainer place to stay. Even for a quick stop through the beach you'll find this location relaxing and quiet, much less crowded than many of the more well-known beach spots on the island.

The club is relaxing and a great atmosphere if you want to grab a drink and enjoy the sound of the light waves rolling in on the beach. We found that this area of the island is a great change up from the smaller peninsula and just as beautiful.

We couldn’t resist running in the water and taking a swim on every beach we visited and this beach was my favorite quick dip. Take some time to relax and dry in the sunlight and you’ll again feel like you never want to leave.

It’s impossible to go wrong with any of the beaches in Formentera, so take your time, enjoy the cliff side moments full of nature and wonder as much as the warm sand and bright blue beaches; get lost on the windy island roads and explore some unplanned adventures. And don't forget to take in the scenery and beautiful sunset as you depart this hidden gem and head back to Ibiza. Cheers!

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