Indulge: Schlosshotel Kronberg and Rheingau, Germany

Ending a several week work-play vacation in Europe, Lex and I ended up in Frankfurt booking a last-minute flight back to New York. This was not the first time we had a vacation-week conclude in Frankfurt, and this go-around we were looking to get out of the city and explore something new. With a little research and a bit of luck, we are happy to share the absolute perfect Frankfurt weekend escape – Schlosshotel Kronberg in Taunus and the beautiful German wine region, the Rheingau.

First, let’s jump right into the accommodations. We are still in awe by the convenience, elegance, service, accommodations, food, and rich history of the Schlosshotel. Booking a Sunday afternoon flight, we wanted to stay close to Frankfurt. Let me say, we were in absolute shock to drive a mere twenty minutes from FRA airport and find ourselves in the German countryside paradise of Kronberg and of course, at it’s heart, at The Schlosshotel.

From the moment we arrived we felt like we were home. The property is beautiful and peaceful, everything you are looking for in a weekend getaway. What’s more - the on-site dining and bars are phenomenal; one of the best five course dining experiences we've had to date, in fact. We began and ended our nights listening to live music in the cigar and cocktail bar just off the lobby. The setting was perfect and the music hit the spot every time. 

Friday night we dined at the local restaurant Gruene Grans where we enjoyed a smorgasbord of German fare and their signature Reisling, which was delicious. The owner recommended the tasting menu which started with a variety of appetizers and small plates, and continued to present a variety of traditional German cuisine. Located in the center of Kronberg and only minutes walk away from the castle, this little local gem was charming and we can't wait to go back some day. We returned to Schlosshotel for cocktails and music where we got to talking to a couple locals and quickly plotted a route for the following day on the wine tasting goldmine – Rhein River valley.

The morning greeted us with the spectacular Schlosshotel breakfast. Delicate, hearty, and satisfying, it was exactly what we needed to set off on the dusty trail of wine tasting. We started an hour from the hotel at the iconic Schloss Johannisberg. This place is gorgeous, incredible views of the valley that make you want to stay for an eternity. We recommend you try and make time to stay for lunch, unfortunately our schedule permitted a relaxing and memorable tasting of their staple Rieslings, a sun filled walk around the vineyards, and we were on our way. 

From here you can really let your spirit run free. Driving up or down route 42 alongside the Rhein River and stumbling on beautiful sights and wineries. Ten minutes down the road you’ll find the quaint and comfortable Schloss Reinhartshausen. We enjoyed the wine and were surprised by the beer! Brewed with wild hops from the island just across the river, we had to grab a couple bottles to go. Next we hit Weingut Robert Weil, the perfect blend of traditional German architecture, modern furnishing and spectacular wine. After a full circuit tasting of all the goods, we ran up to the local monastery from Kloster Eberbach, a quick and beautiful 6 minute drive up the road, for our final stop of the afternoon before returning to what had quickly become home – Schloss.

Schlosshotel Kronberg not only has the utmost standards of luxury and hospitality, but the rich history of the castle that dates back to 1889, when the castle was being built for the German Empress Victoria. Originally named Schloss Friedrichshof. Empress Victoria's art collection remains at the hotel, and many of the original furnishings are in tact, as well as her library. Lex and I loved roaming the hallways, admiring every sculpture and paintings, exploring the gardens, and just allowing the mind to wander, taking it all in.

We are still dreaming about our dinner at Schlosshotel Kronberg on Saturday night. Picture a formal dining room in a castle – high ceilings, larger than life paintings, candles, mantels and a roaring fireplace in every direction, everything  perfection. Our meal consisted of seared foie gras, salmon tartare, veal loin, and desert, and WOW were we blown away. Relaxing with wine by the fire we espresso’d-up before settling into the cigar bar for another evening of piano and cocktails. After two nights we felt like we knew the staff, sitting up to the bar for another round with friends. Following another wonderful evening and restful night’s sleep in our cozy penthouse loft -room 401, book it! - we were ready to hit the town before departure; but we must admit, we were very sad to go!

To round out a weekend stay you have to visit the town of Kronberg and enjoy the dining and charm. After a morning walk through the winding cobble stone streets we settled for lunch at Gasthaus Zum FeldbergGo for the home made schnitzel and dumplings, absolutely fantastic, in a cozy and quaint traditional German atmosphere. Of course the draft beer is also on point! For dinner we had an incredible spread of German fare at Zum Gruenen Wald. The pictures are worth a thousand words – still dreaming about the schnitzel! Be sure to stop by the castle before you leave, located right in the town center. Happy travels! Cheers!

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