Discover: Streymoy, Faroe Islands

With so much to see and do in the Faroes we wanted to break it down island by island to give a run through of our favorite spots to seek out. We wanted to start with the largest island in the Faroes and the place where we spend a majority of our time when visiting – Streymoy, and of course, the capital city situated on the Southeastern coast of the island.

When we visit the Faroes we always rent a car. By car you can be from the airport to the main island of Streymoy in around 20 minutes. Another 20 minutes or so will put you to the capital city of Torshavn. If you want to be near restaurants, bars and other city amenities, you will most certainly want to make Torshavn your home base. For more info on where to stay check out our intro post to the Islands, here. Torshavn has a plethora of restaurants to suit all occasions, as well as the old city charm we are always looking for as we wander the streets and enjoy the harbor in the evenings. Be sure to hit the National Museum of the Faroe Islands located just outside of town and the Torshavn Cathedral in the heart of the city.

First on the to do list in Streymoy is the small town of Kirkjubøur, located less than a 15 minute drive from the capital, this is the southernmost village on Streymoy. Here you can spend a few hours exploring Saint Olav’s Church – the oldest functioning church in the Faroes, dating back to the 12th century; the Ruins of Magnus Cathedral – though out of use since 1557 the walls still stand tall on the now roofless church ruins; and, get this, the oldest still inhabited wooden house in the WORLD - Kirkjubøargarður. Nestled on the southern coast it is one of our favorite spots on the island to catch the sun setting over the islands of Sandoy and Hestur. Kirkjubøur is the best place in the Faroes to get glimpse into the historic past of the Faroes.

Next on the list is the beautiful small town of Saksun, situated in the northern tip of the island. The 15 minute drive from Streymnes to Saksun on Route 53 is one of the most beautiful stretches of road in all the Islands, so leave plenty of time to stop and enjoy along the way. Once you arrive you will want to park in the town (62°14'34.9"N 7°10'17.3"W) and take the marked trail head down to the black sand beach. Depending on the tides you may be able to hike all the way out to the inlet, it is a beautiful walk regardless. After the walk get back in the car and head around to the world famous white church overlooking the inlet and surrounding waterfalls. Spending a little time walking around the church and soaking in the view is well warranted.

Next, take the coastal drive from Kvivik to Vestmanna and see the Instagram famous Kvivik Igloos along the way. Kvivik is another charming small town located on the western coast of Streymoy, it’s worth stopping by the church and passing through town for a few minutes. As you continue north on Route 21 to Vestmanna you can’t miss the Igloos (62°07'04.2"N 7°05'47.1"W), not your typical Nordic dwellings, the Igloos certainly stand out from the rest of the architecture on the Islands. The futuristic eco architecture is curious and certainly worth a few photos. Last on the trail you will hit Vestmanna. Vestmanna is large enough that it has a tourism office and restaurant(s) – depending on the season. The cliffs of Vestmanna are breathtaking and explorable by boat in the warmer seasons.

This should be enough to get you started on exploring the Faroe’s largest and most populated Island. Check back soon as we explore Vagar, Esturoy and count down the best dining in the in the Islands and, in our opinion, the world!

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