Discover: Welcome to Bali

We've spent the last couple of weeks since returning home from Bali trying to decipher where to begin with this ideal vacation spot; so I'm going to start out with a small intro to the Indonesian island, some do's and don'ts, and some seriously wanderlust-worthy photos to get you excited!

First things first, getting there; we flew from Hong Kong to Denpasar, about a four hour flight which (trust me) after exploring a city like Hong Kong was truly needed! Our flight landed around 8PM and we rented a car (which we do not suggest doing, will explain in our next post) and set out for adventure! While researching for boutique hotels and unique stays we stumbled upon Sudamala in Sanur. We knew we had limited time before we ventured to Ubud and Sudamala was exactly what we needed. We arrived to the small town of Sanur after about a 25 minute drive and dropped our bags and explored the nightlife. Surrounded by small local bars, live music, and only the best of vibes, we felt like we had been in Sanur for weeks, months even! Later we settled back in at our villa and awoke to paradise. 

We woke up early, walked to the beach, swam in the ocean; there are yoga studios everywhere, so pop in and take a class and sweat it out while you have a moment! We stopped for a quick massage to re-boot with a swim in the pool; treated ourselves to a beautiful breakfast with unlimited options of fresh juice and unique fruits; and then set out for Ubud.

Bali is full of sights and adventures, and because Zach and I only had a week to explore as much as possible we planned for a pretty action-packed vaca. With that being said, we have so much to share from this trip; and we're going to fill you in on everything post by post. First up is a day in Ubud, so stay tuned!


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