Lightroom Presets

While Zach does most of the planning and writing for our travels and blog posts, I am on the other side of the camera snapping photos and editing.

We’ve spent over the past handful of years traveling together and with that comes a lot of photo taking and pictures, using a variety of digital cameras as well as iPhones. Finally we’ve made our Adobe Lightroom presets available to you, based on location.

Just a little detail and reminder... just because a preset is labeled Faroe Islands, or Iceland, or Germany, doesn’t mean that our presets only apply to photos taken in the title’s name or geo-location. I've found inspiration in each location to delve in to highlights, hues, grains, and curves that bring out the most incredible features per photo.

Our presets are meant to apply to all sorts of photos: landscapes, portraits, and the like. Each preset's settings are adjustable, so start browsing and get creative with our Adobe Lightroom presets, today!

XO Lex