Brands We Love

Primally Pure

Shop safe beauty products including deodorant, skincare, and dry shampoo from Primally Pure. Use code LEXANDZACH for 15% off!

Kettle and Fire

Bone broth and soups that are life-changing through nutrition. Apply code LEXANDZACH at checkout for 15% off.


LARQ is the perfect on-the-go water bottle to help avoid bacteria and viruses while on the run. For a bigger bottle and free shipping, visit this link today!

"LARQ eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses so you drink confidently no matter where the adventure takes you!"

Maya Chia

Maya Chia is a life-changing skincare product that will naturally sooth and enhance your skin. Lex lives by this skincare product and whole-heartedly recommends it for all ages, for anti-aging, and for daily skincare routines.

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Georgia Boot

Our go-to boot for the cooler seasons and winter weather! Men's and women's available, super comfortable and perfect for hiking!

Apply code LEXANDZACH at checkout and receive 35% off of your next order!


Our go-to supplement for altitude sickness (and to avoid a hangover!) we won't leave home without this vitamin. A must-have for every frequent flyer! 

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Daily Harvest

Our must-have meal plan at home! We prepare every departure and arrival by stocking up on these health-conscious and nutritious meals.

Apply code LEXANDZACH at checkout and receive $25 off your first order!

The Root Collective

Discover women's ethically handmade shoes, boots, and accessories from Guatemala. Lex packs her Root Collective boots on every trip we go on!

Enjoy 15% off with code Alexis15 at checkout!


We love our wooden hand-carved computer cases are our go-to for travel.

What's even better than handmade and keeping your electronics safe? Each one is one of a kind.


Our every-day essentials, we won't leave home without our 20oz rambler!

Everything from backpacks and travel accessories to keeping your beverages warm or cold; and only the best coolers!