A Look at My Beach Getaway

While I've spent the past few weeks relaxing and soaking up the sun in Vero Beach, Florida (our home away from home!) I've made the oceanside my remote office-place and it has led to some real progress. I've been writing and editing photos for the blog, working on Lex & Lynne and Mick + Kip, but also circling back to my love of web design and am excited to say that I will be taking on new projects this year.

First things first, I am going to apologize that our Made in America blog series has been little than that - I've found that I'm writing more and more about my personal findings and self-discoveries than I am small businesses and national gems; so this will (maybe?) be the last of one of my personal-posts, maybe.

But in starting this blog with my husband and taking on writing as a new hobby I can't help but while reflecting on past, present, and upcoming travels, reflecting on how I spend my time at home, at work, and everything in between.

I created my portfolio-website last fall because of all of the successful projects I've launched over the past five years; and I want to share those projects with everyone and anyone who is interested. My stores - Lex & Lynne, Mick + Kip; brick and mortar, their websites; a bridal collection; our blog; my photography; styling for clients and photo shoots; planning and styling our wedding; and now back to my freelance work of web design which upon graduating college was my main focus.

Being in Vero has made the transition in to 2018 with all of my goals and resolutions a little easier and there's no doubt that while I'm taking on new projects my time management will become trickier and trickier; but I'm confident that this decision will only bring good things and I can't wait to see the projects and collaborations that come my way!


Next post on our Made in America blog series will be a break down and getaway guide to Vero Beach - we promise, nothing personal!

xo Lex

Wearing: Rosetta Stripe Top, Clemence Jeans, Market Tote

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