Made in America Series: an Introduction

Welcome to our new blog series Made in America - a series of small stories zooming in on our travels and favorite findings across the United States.

Sometimes the easiest way to get somewhere is to jump in the car and go; and being that we split most of our time between NYC and Pittsburgh, we find ourselves road tripping quite often and sometimes leading to new territories.

We're sharing a few snaps with you here of Zach and myself at Zach's family's farm in Woodstock, Vermont. Woodstock is a place that is near and dear to our hearts, and where Zach has spent quite a good amount of time growing up. Vast country sides, incredible hikes, an all-American small town, and home to a few of our most favorite brands like Simon Pearce, Farmhouse Pottery, and Danforth - we love calling this place home and we can't wait to share locations and their charms such as Woodstock with you regularly. 

Our Made in America series is simple: everything from road trips, local brands, artists, big cities to small town gems, food for foodies, hikes and adventures; and as Labor Day Weekend is considered the unofficial - but official - last day of summer, we wanted to touch on this series while we enjoy those final long summer days and toast to a new season! 

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