Ode to Autumn

The past few months have been a whirlwind for me; I’ve made some pretty important business decisions, taken on new projects, and have been writing like crazy with my husband while planning our upcoming trips to Iceland, South Africa, and Hong Kong. Gearing up for my holiday season at the stores means a lot of hard work, late hours and teamwork, and somehow amidst all of this controlled-chaos I’ve managed to design and launch my portfolio - www.alexiscorry.com. Needless to say, I’m feeling pretty accomplished and efficient with my to do list, which is a feeling I'm not very used to!

Time has a way of quickly slipping away from us making it tough to really make the most of every single season - especially when there’s an Indian-summer nearly every year and Autumn doesn’t truly kick in until mid-October! Autumn is my favorite season, for many reasons, mainly feeling the cool air arrive and the watching the colors of the leaves change. The leaves slowly disappearing from the trees indicates that the holidays are upon us, and for me this is go-time with work. Incase you don’t know much about me, I own a few boutiques located in Sewickley, PA. I spend a lot of time between Pittsburgh and New York City, these two cities I call home. My creativity drives my business, and we’ve just completed our flagship location - floor one, Lex & Lynne, i.e. our womenswear; floor two, Mick + Kip, i.e. our menswear; floor three, L&L Bridal.

Sometimes I feel like a bit of a workaholic, and its difficult for me to put my job on hold and focus on life. However, being a small-business owner does mean working overtime, managing a team, being part of a community, and being a leader. On the other hand some people may think I’m addicted to traveling; I say, the two go hand in hand, perfectly complementing one another while I strive to be my best. Wife, work, travel, family, life (and a whole lot of other components). One thing is certain, after all of this hard work and commotion I am ready to hit the pause button and give myself a break.

So right now, no matter where you are, I suggest you grab your favorite blanket, simple snacks, a bottle of wine, good book, and really take in the crisp Autumn air while it lasts. Admire your surroundings - the changing leaves and wind, the mild sky - and think about what you want to accomplish and how you’d like to feel at the end of 2017 while we begin to welcome on a new year.

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